Tuesday, August 12, 2008

( good morning)
(i miss my sister)
(i love them)


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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Alrights , Obviously who's typing right?

Okok , i wish ..
I wishh ....
I wishh ~

Cherrie Sweet &Lyn dearest cheers up soon ! ^^

I miss both of you ~
Meet up real soon ! ;D

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008
lyn here to help原来爱情那么伤

so long no1 come n blog..
so i nice nice..
come n blog..
cherrie is busy wif her getai...
kerou is busy wif her life..
mi lei..
busy slping.. no la..
busy working... study..
and waiting to get MARRY..
to my HUBBY!!!!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008
lyn here to scream原来爱情那么伤

view my blog when u guys free..
i totally hate them!!
tt gal who scold mi in fs..
is my sec sch mate..
nw like tt scold mi i sooooo sad!!

i miss all my sistar!!
meet out so0n okie!!
mayb wait till the ghost mth den go out...
due to cherrie!!

i love u gals!!!

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Monday, July 28, 2008
Kerou's typing ~原来爱情那么伤

I want more more more money ~ ;D

Alrights , Cherrie &Lyn dint update.
So ...... Kerou's here to the rescue ~ (:

Aha aha ahahahaha !

Recently , whether is just so _l_ up !
Friends please do takecares uh.
Me &Cherrie is sick ~ );
Only Lyn that monkey is healthy ~ (:

&Lyn , rmb you've to find oneday free cook for me &Cherrie ah~
lololololololololol ;D

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Friday, July 25, 2008
i here..原来爱情那么伤

im the last to come??
ya... mayb..
i totally hate my dept..
but bo bian!!
but kerou cheers mi up..

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♥Kerou's typing ~ (:原来爱情那么伤

Cherrie & Lyn ~
Yea , not forgetting the rest (:

Alrights , im here to post ! ;D

Cherrie mai sad !
Im the youngest -.- Zzzz
Dont bully me ahhhhh ~

lol , my own blog also hardly update de ;x
Dont keep thanks me ,
Just love/dote me more ~
Aha aha ahahahaha :D

Hehs ` Nothing to say le ,
My 2 Dumby study below ; (:

1st ; Log in ! (Dash Board)
2nd ; click 'Template'
3rd ; scroll till you see the links coluum
4th ; Copy paste anyone
(Except 1st &2nd)
5th ; Change the blog link to the one you want to link
6th ; &Of cause the person's name
Lastly , Save-d &Its done ;D

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Y i nicked us as C.L.K ; CLK stand for cherrie ; lyn & kerou
im th eldest iin here barhhs, follow by lyn & kerou . should admit old. hurhur*
well, lyn, kerou loves hello kitty alot. though im nt a fans of hello kitty but ii lyk it too
jus tt nt so much. coz im tomatocherrie! so obviously i love tomato! get it. hahs.
hmm, hey girls tink we can cor tomatokitty. wakaka. gd joke man.
tt's all, nth else to add on, kerou, lyn do updated more! to share wit ppl who read our blog.chill


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Mainly we created tis blog is actually for girls talks.
well, do tag us up if u've anyting to share wit, if i'm free i'll tok to u.

any relation problem, frens , or rather any ting. i'll tok iin blog iif i thought of a topic to share wit
so how u both tiink, lyn&kerou. hahs. updated soon. (=


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Cherrie ; Lyn ; Kerou , th C.L.K girls

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その女性 Cherrie♥

That's my name (:
27sept08 goinqg 18sweet
currently single
Loves Lyn&kerou & my dearest ones
Sexy is wad i love
Sing & dance is my life

Friendster; Ask from me personally (: Blog; Cherrie's Blog.
AKA MSN; Tomatocherrie@hotmail.com

その女性 Lyn♥

Lyn is my name.
Goin 18 on e 20 jan 2009
Single/double ice cream
Love my KEN!!
Loves kerou, tomatocherrie
- Cant live w/o them
- Doll up is a mus in my life

その女性 Kerou♥

That's her big name.
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I cant live w/o my love ones.
Night life is my TEMPTAION.
- is my loving HEARTATTACK.
I sing & i dance.
shopping spree is TEMPTED!
Dolling up is a essential!

Friendster ; KEROU's Friendster.
Blog ; KEROU's Blog
AKA MSN ; Kerou_ppriincess@hotmail.com

愛情な言語 ♥